ITA Matrix – Google Flights Matrix

Its Matrix – the Secret of Cheap Flights! :- Air travel is a beauty on its own – the joy of flying like a bird over the vast plains, throbbing waters and miniature cities is something one has to experience to understand. Do you want to know how to get this joy in the smartest way? This post presents to you a miraculous tool called the ITA Matrix which can save you tonnes of money.

What is the ITA Matrix?

The ITA Matrix is a dedicated search engine that real-time analyses prices and routes of flights around the world. This software was first built by a bunch of MIT scientist in the year 1996; later it was acquired by Google in 2010. This software is the backbone of many flight booking sites like Google Flights and Kayak.

Why use the ITA Matrix?

While you will get similar results when searching for flights through different sites, it is worth to give the original software a shot. The original ITA Matrix is very easy to use yet one of the most powerful flight information tools available today. In addition to the simple searches, the site also lets to find flights based on unique criteria like Interactive calendars, geo search, real-time filters, cost per mile and color-coded time bars. You can also use different features like one-way trip, round trip or multi-city trip to find the cheapest way possible.

The site even lets to avoid certain routes or cities – you can even omit your disliked airlines from the search. If you are an aviation geek and you know you flight numbers, you can find the best route for you with the flight number too. You can select the number of stops, number of passengers and the lowest fare for the given route. The site lets users completely customize the search without being too complicated.

The site also has some codes which make the advanced flight searching even more specific and powerful. Easily available on the web, these codes will exactly show you the kind of flights that you are looking for. Also, another added advantage of using the ITA Matrix is you cannot book your flights there – you can just get the info. So there are no third party companies trying to display their deceiving ads here to attract customers.

The Limitations of ITA Matrix

As applies to everything, the ITA Matrix too has its minuses. The site sometimes takes more time to load than the other sites, like Google Flights. Also, some airlines like the Allegiant Air and the Southwest Airlines do not show up on the results. Most other sites let you book or visit the airlines in a single click, but with ITA Matrix, you will just get the right info – you will have to do the booking somewhere else.

All in all, this is a powerful raw tool capable of crawling into all the flight databases around the globe. Try, book the cheapest tickets and have fun!