Google Flights Explorer

Google Flights Explorer – So are you ready to jet off on that much awaited out of the city trip or planning a summer vacation at grannies? But what about the travel time you waste while commuting? Two days to reach and two days to drive back is a sheer wastage of time.

Here is an idea. Why not take a flight or should we say the cheapest flight to the destination and enjoy the time saved in a much-relaxed manner. Fret not, the days of searching for hours on stretch are over as you can easily install the Google flights app on the Smartphone to plan your flights on the go.

Book the hotels beforehand

Cutting edge technology by the search giant has made it fun to book hotels even before you step out for the holidays. Worries about last minute bookings are thwarted by advance booking and presenting the clear pictures of hotels with a comparative analysis of other options in the vicinity. Try your hands at Google hotels to see the affordable boarding options that suit your pocket.

Hassle free flight booking

To make your travel a seamless experience, Google has Google flights Explorer at your disposal. With the simple click of buttons, the search engine can provide you with the cheapest and shortest path flights to the destination. The time range can vary from two months to one year so that you can plan your travel and stay well in advance.

To do a comparative analysis of ticket prices of various airlines, it lists real-time comparison of flights worldwide so that you can make a wise decision.

The settings of the explorer can be adjusted according to inbound, outbound, duration or my favorite destination.

Google Flights explore Map

Your travel can be greatly assisted and well planned if you use the Google flights explore map which is an amazing tool to plan a journey well in advance with various options on the travel itinerary.

To use the explore map, you are required to select the dates on which you want to travel or at least the range. Next is the area of interest: it can be beaches, honeymoon, ecotourism, culture, islands, nature, adventure, recreation, shopping, wildlife or even winter sports.

You can even personalize the search by

  • Limiting the number of stops(Nonstop, one stop)
  • Limiting the price by using a slider to hide a flight very costly.
  • Limiting the Airline. You might be an elite member so you can limit the searches to a particular airline.
  • You can even edit time ranges to avoid early departures or late arrivals.
  • You can avoid long layovers using the duration slider provided.

More tech-savvy users can edit the URL in many ways to get the pinpointed results. For example, searching for first or business class by adding “sc=b” or “=f” for first class.

If used wisely, Google flights app and explore the map with hotels options can be of great use for an organized and pleasant travel experience.