Delta Flights – Delta Airline- Conquer New Heights

No! We aren’t talking about alpha-beta-gamma-delta signs of your hazy college days but of a world-class airline which serves millions of passengers each day. Delta Airlines or simply ‘Delta’ as it is popularly known as one of the major airlines of the United States of America. Delta has its headquarters at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Incidentally, Atlanta is the largest hub of Delta Flights.

If we talk about the stats, they are quite impressive and competitive with international air carriers. For instance, Delta has 10 domestic and 3 international hubs which operate around 5500 Delta Flights daily. Serving thousands of customer’s daily, domestic and international networks of Delta includes 333 destinations covering 64 countries spread across 6 continents.

Aircraft and Hubs

According to the data collected in January 2013, Delta Airline uses around 700 aircraft made by premier aircraft companies like   Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell, and Douglas. The prestigious airline boasts of having the largest fleet of MD 90 aircraft, Boeing 757 and McDonnell Douglas Md-88. A couple of years ago, Delta announced that it has ordered 25 Airbus 350-900s and 25 Airbus A330-900s to replace the existing and aging Boeing 747 and Boeing 767 aircraft.

Book Cheap Delta Flight Tickets

With over 5500 flights daily, to over 330 destinations worldwide, you will definitely find the cheapest vacation flight you are looking for. Be assured that the cheapest prices that Delta offers are value for money.

Cheap On Prices but Rich in Quality

Many times we are tight on our travel budget but the flying economy with delta means cheap tickets yet luxurious services. Delta has the policy to offer all its passengers the choice to choose window or aisle seats. There is an additional service from Delta Airline called Economy Plus which is a little upgrade from the economy and provides more leg room, free Delta studio entertainment options to choose from and many more.

Attractive Benefits Of Cheap Delta Flights

To serve its customers better, free food and beverage service are provided in almost all Delta Flights. On shorter flights, small snacks are provided free of cost and facility to purchase the large snack is available on each flight.

If we talk about longer Delta flights, improved snacks and meal options with free bottled water, beer, spirits, and wine are regularly served. In fact, soft drinks, tea, coffee, and juices are absolutely free.

On international Delta flights, the airline provides its passengers with free sleep kits, eyeshades, earplugs to ensure a noise free and relaxed travel experience.

Seamless Air Travel

Delta is one of the most professionally managed air carriers of the world and is known for its premium service quality. Delta Flights baggage charges and fees vary based on the destinations. If you want to spend less time in checking in and more in preparing your travel, you can even use Delta Check-in. This tool allows you to check in even before you arrive at the airport.

Cheap Delta Flight tickets are your boarding pass to roam around the world so pick your destination and go globetrotting.

Historically Speaking

Initially known as Huff Daland Dusters, the airline was founded in 30th May 1924. What started as a humble crop-dusting operational fleet has now grown into a mammoth and professionally managed premier air carrier of the world. Collet E Woolman gave this airline the name Delta Airline and the operations began in 1929. After several mergers and acquisitions came into being the present giant, the latest being with Northwest Airline, which made it the largest airline in the world at the time of the merger.