Grab Attractive Flight Deals with Priceline Flights

Getting deep discounts on last minute hotel bookings or airfares are helpful. Priceline flights,initially known as ‘Name Your Own Flight’ help in finding handsome discount rates for hotels and flights. Although the company is not a direct service provider, it makes the process easier. If you need to travel often, then cheap airfares might be your requirement.

Priceline also gives discounts when you plan for holidays in one of the top destinations namely Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York or the other. Search your flights now and using very easy methods, you will be informed about available discounts. Other than catering to hotels and flights, they also have cars and cruise services.

Best Of Priceline Application

The mobile application of Priceline offers lucrative discounts to its first-time users. When you book your first ever hotel or flight fares via the application, you are instantly credited a 50% cash back. In addition to this, with the help of latest deal search technology, the application aids in saving more in air tickets, hotel bookings, rental cars and vacation packages. So, when you are just a few steps ahead to get hands-on important trip details, download the application today before you miss out on exclusive deals.

Services of Priceline

It’s obvious that the last minute flights make it heavy on the pockets and Priceline flights services help bid for the best flight package much less than the advertised one. If you book through Priceline Express deals flights, you would get a considerable amount of discount on the current price. Except for the departure and arrival time, you do not have much information regarding exact flight times, the number of layovers and its duration.

But the best part being, the layovers time never exceed three hours. If you are fortunate enough, then you will get decent flight times and direct flights at times as well. Besides this, you have the advantage of free cancellation on bookings. Thus, it a needless to mention that among all other airfare services, Priceline stands out to be the best one giving tough competition. Priceline maintains low budget airfares and good benefits side by side.

When it comes to reliability, they have created a secure environment to carry out credit card transactions. They use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all personal details provided during every transaction. Customer trust and respect is what Priceline looks forward to.

Priceline Flights Reward points

The Priceline Points that you bag as rewards are treated as credit cards like Amex Platinum. Other deals are attractive enough in a way that they offer you bonus points for every travel purchase irrespective of your destination.

So, considering all these advantages, without any further delay, you need to sign up on the concerned website to avail the special coupons, offers, and promotions. From the drop-down list under ‘my trips’, you will be able to check your flight status, check your request status. Further, you will also be able to view, print or email your itinerary if necessary.

Booking dream destinations at the best price ever are what one looks forward to. Among the varying ranges of fare, nothing could be more pleasing than getting attractive discounts and payback offers on your bookings.

It helps to choose your ticket according to your desired budget. You only need to provide the price and fill in Priceline Ticket Request that automatically generates information regarding your destination, date of  journey and price that you wish to pay for each ticket.

In case of international flights booking, you are expected to get the feedback within 24 hours whereas it only takes an hour in case of domestic flights.

The customer service department is also very active to assist you via email to all the complaints or queries lodged under Information center. Apart from this, for any domestic ticket request, you will be given any major full-service US airlines that are participating in Priceline. On the contrary, for an international flight, it includes any US airlines and international airlines along with their affiliates.

Apart from big discounts that it offers, what if you get the chance to make your bags fly free? Yes, you can also get this privilege as long you make the payments using some reward points from your Priceline account. For other airline services, extra charges are applicable when your luggage exceeds a particular weight. Further, before you make your final payments, you should compare the airfares with at least one portal to ensure that you get the best offer. As Priceline works in giving you the best fares for your tickets, it is recommended that you do not ask for ticket prices that are airline’s lowest fares.

It is also believed that after losing Priceline “Name Your Own Flight” Deal, it had a great impact on its services. According to sources, they also failed to retain their handsome discount rates comparing to the published fares.

Other services

Other than attractive flight offers, it helps to save big with deep discounts on hotel bookings. What else do you want if you get the chance to save around 60% on your favorite hotel bookings? Be it beach destination in Mexico or your next big trip to Les Vegas, you are sure to get Priceline exclusive express deals. You can also start your hotel bidding at Priceline for which you need to select your budget, location and star level. Following this, we shall find you a quality name brand or independent hotel. If you could manage to find a lower price for the same itinerary, then you are sure to get 100% cash back.

A Profitable One

Priceline flights gives you a number of reasons to choose them over any other flight booking services. Nothing could be more profitable than getting airfare under $15 round trip. Be it your favorite beach trip or shopping in the city markets and spending your long weekends, Priceline offers special deals for its customers across the country. So, without any further hesitation, it’s time to jump into big savings and grab the best offer by booking your next trip via Priceline.