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Google Flights Summary: To know how to book cheap flight tickets using Google flights,  give this article a very good read!

Gone are the days when you used to be worried about which flights you should choose for the maximum benefits! Now, it is no longer a neck-wracking task as Google flights are here to help you out. So, bid “Goodbye” to those tiring times when you had to check each airlines’ website individually or visit a travel agent’s office, and then, take the decision; and say “Hi” to Google flights. Now, you must be wondering, what exactly is it and how does it work, right?

So, let’s dig in!

What Is Google Flights?

The primary question is that what exactly it is. Now, let me clearly state that it is NOT a travel agency. It is a tool that lets you search for and compare flights, and even purchase them. In 2011, Google purchased ITA Software and subsequently used it to power Google Flights.

It makes your job easier by allowing you to check or compare:

  • Routes
  • Prices
  • Times
  • Convenience
  • Preferred flights between airports and much more.

Why Google Flights?

Now you must be thinking that why should you choose it! Well, the reasons are aplenty – one of the main reasons being its convenience. It is fast, easy to use and enables you to book flights within minutes. And yes, it allows you to plan your next trip/business trip without any kind of last-moment hassle!

What are the Best Features?

When it comes to google flights, the best features needs to highlight so that you can rely on them! The best part about Google flights is that a stream of innovations have been made to it ever since it was launched, thus making it better for users. It can totally be considered as the most useful tool for deal-seeking travelers and the ones who are looking for luxury

1. Receive Fare Price Alerts

Yes, you read that right! google flights alerts will let you receive price alerts on your phone. They use predictive algorithms to analyze price trends and would also notify you about the fare rise.

You can get the notifications delivered to your Gmail account as well. Isn’t this a great feature? And yes, remember to purchase your flight ticket with a rewards credit card (which will allow you to gain a bonus point for every purchase).

Additional Information

When the price drops, then also you will get notified about it with a green box with the predicted savings amount.

2. Track Flight Price Trends

Google flights can also track historical prices. Yes, you can ask Google to monitor flight fares and they will notify you accordingly. This is ideal for entrepreneurs or if you are someone who flies the same route at regular intervals! For this, you need to follow these smart tips:

  • Choose the flight itinerary you want Google to track by clicking the “Track Price” button on the website.
  • This should be done before you choose a departing flight to track the average fares.
  • It can also be done after you select the arrival and departure flights to track the price of a specific itinerary.

Additional Information

Google will continue to send you price predictions until the flight takes off. You can use the graph to check your purchase timing for future plane tickets

3. Travel Dates

The third great feature I am going to talk about is that they have a popup calendar that displays the daily prices, in cases, you have flexible travel dates. It will be shown when you click on the dates.

4.  Predict Delays

Do you often wait at the airport for hours, frustrated, just because the flight has got delayed? Yes? Then, this is yet another reason to use Google flights. It is fast and would let you know its flight delay predictions automatically

5. Explore Map

When you will be checking Google Flights, you will come across the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on the Explore Map option. Google will choose a place which you are likely to enjoy.

This feature will allow you to quickly get a birdseye view of flight prices.

Google Flights Tips

Refine the search by typing Europe, Australia, etc. And if you are not happy with the suggestions, then continue clicking the button!

1. Google Tips

Another unique feature of is that it will give you tips on how to save money from time to time. Other suggestions would include informing you that first-class tickets are not as expensive as you are thinking, why should you book a particular ticket earlier or later, etc. Take a look at the suggestions as they are most likely to be useful

2. Best Flights

Google will also recommend two to three flights to you that are not only affordable but also, have decent flight times and a minimum number of stops

3. Filter by Carrier or Airport

Google flights are also giving you the flexibility of including particular carriers or airports. For this, you need to click on the “Airline” or “More” drop-down menu located underneath the dates on the flight search tab. You will instantly notice a green box which will show results from that carrier or airport. The red box will hide the results.

Searching by alliance can be really useful for regular travelers or travelers who are extremely particular

4. Discover Destinatios

Discover Destinations feature is another one that I must include in the list. The box is located beneath the flight search field on the Google Flights homepage. It will be automatically updated based on what you enter – travel dates, desired carriers, and spending limit.

Additional Tip

For the best results, kindly customise it further by clicking the dates, places and interest buttons placed underneath the Discover Destinations title. Google will then, come up with destinations with the average fare price next to each city name.

And to see more flight information, do click on the city name on the map1.

i. Happiness and Comfort

Google flights even have a fantastic happiness factor! Yes, that’s right! It has teamed yo with Routehappy to enhance your comfortability while traveling. Wondering, how? You can now see the aircraft model, cabin layout, integrated entertainment, power sockets and even food availability right next to the fare

ii. Multi-step Planner

If you are very particular about planning a trip or get last minute jitters because you are confused, then also Google’s Multi-Step Planner will help you keep everything organized and to see your trip at a glance instead of getting confused about different flights!

You should also know that a private developer launched a free extension for the Google Chrome users that lets you know about the seats. Isn’t this fascinating? So, when you search for an economy ticket, you will get to see the particular flight’s pitch on the right-hand side of each result. The distance between the back of one seat and the back of the next seat is called flight’s pitch of a particular flight. Flights with smaller pitch are shown in red and the one with better ones are shown in green!

While searching for a premium cabin, you will see the type of seats available so that you can select the one you want to- a recliner, an angled-flat or a lie-flat seat are the probable options.

And yes, it can also show you baggage fees to make it even more convenient for you.

So, aren’t the features just great? Are you convinced to use it now? If yes, then don’t delay any further and start using it now. What? Don’t know how to use it?

Then, this simple guide will surely help you out.

How to Use Google Flights?

  • Go to Google Flights.
  • Enter your departure city or airport and destination.
  • Now select your ticket type – one-way, roundtrip, multicity, etc.
  • Then, select the number of passengers and cabin class.
  • Click the calendar to select your flight dates. Here, you will see the lowest total price for each day. The prices are, however, updated every 24 hours (approximately).
  • Now, Click Sort by to re-order the flights. You can show results by Best Flights (a default feature), Price, Duration, and Time.
  • Choose a flight for each part of your trip.
  • Follow this by choosing how you want to book the flight like –

When you click Select, you will be taken to the airline’s website or an online travel agency to complete the transaction.

If you choose Book Flights on Google, you can complete the transaction without even having to leave Google. Sometimes, you can book separate tickets for one trip.

  • Now that it’s done, you have to contact the airline or online travel agent to confirm your booking. You can change or cancel it as well by getting in touch with them.

So, these were a few simple steps which you need to follow for booking plane tickets from

What are the Myths related to Google Flights?

And yes, there are a few related myths as well. To know about them, please keep reading.

  • Last minute purchase gives you the top deal: While it is true that many say this, but this is totally a myth. There is nothing but a myth. So, do not pay heed to such misconceptions and book your flight earlier.
  • The Day of the Flight: Another related myth is that the day of the flight affects the price of the tickets, but it is so not the case! I have even heard that Tuesday is the right time to buy plane tickets and many such myths which people commonly have. Yes, now that it is debunked, hopefully, you will not pay attention to this any further!
  • Clearing Cookies and Caches: Another common myth is that Google Flights will come up with lower rates if you clear your cookies and caches. Well, there is absolutely no relation to this, and even if you try it, you won’t get any kinds of results. Yes, so do not rely on these kinds of weird information.
  • Buying Two One-ways is ALWAYS a Great Deal: yes, it is true that two one-way flights might help you save more but that does not mean it will ALWAYS help you get a great deal! No, this is yet another myth related to booking plane tickets.
  • Best Time of the Day: Lastly, I would like to mention the one I have recently heard and that is there is the best time of the day to get the tickets done. See, if you use Google Flights, you will get notifications instantly and thus, it makes no point or logic to believe such misconceptions that people tell you.

So, these were a few myths that needed to be debunked!

I hope that you have gathered enough knowledge by now about this by now. And yes, there is something more for you to read.

Google Flights is using PPC Campaigns over the last several years. It is targeting all kinds of search queries containing words like flight, airlines, cities, route, cheap flights etc. It always shows is ad under other paid search results. And now, Google Flights is gearing up its AdWords game to the next level by targeting the names of airlines starting from EasyJet to British Airways. You will also be elated to know that Google flights are now deciding to tag economy class which is again great news for common people!

To wrap it up, all I can say is that it is high time you should welcome your online travel agent – Google flights with open arms. Trust me, you wouldn’t regret! Hoping from one travel agency office to another can waste a lot of your precious time and money. So, Google Flights is obviously the savior in this case. Its fast, convenient, helps you customize the filters and enable you to plan your trip(s) at ease.  You can even research more about the features so that you are enlightened more about this. And to know more about Google Flights, kindly keep following the articles in this series.